Venison Carpaccio

Here’s a fantastic, quick, simple but absolutely packed full of flavour recipe by our great friend and tutor Tim Maddams. Its perfect if you’ve got some lovely fresh venison, a piece of loin is ideal and really takes no time at all. Give it a go…

Carpaccio of Venison

A small piece of venison steak, trimmed
1 spring onion
A little fresh ginger.
1 clove of garlic, peeled
30 ml soy sauce
10 ml little sesame oil
A sprig of fresh coriander
A tea spoon of sesame seeds, toasted.
20 ml Rape seed oil
Lime juice

Season the venison and rub with a little of the sesame oil. Sear the venison in a very hot pan just to colour the outside. Slice and arrange on a plate.

Make a dressing with the sesame oil, rape seed oil, ginger, garlic and lime.

Simply either chop the ingredients and mix together or blend in a little blender if you have one. Taste and correct the seasoning if needs be.

Dress over the meat and then garnish with coriander, and spring onion. Finish with the toasted seeds, lemon grass if you have it and a little fresh lime juice.

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