Getting ready for Game

At Vale House Kitchen we have a field to fork ethos. This is why we think it’s very important that if you are going to eat something you really should be connected with the whole process that has put that food on your plate. None of our courses exhibit this more than our Shooting Experience. The first day of this course gives people the opportunity to learn all about game shooting and the chance to shoot a pheasant and other wild game birds. On the second day Tim Maddams gives a game butchery and cookery masterclass which concludes in our guests preparing and eating the bird that they have shot. By taking a slightly modern approach to cooking game, we hope it will give you the confidence to put game back on the menu in your own kitchen. Our first course of the new shooting season is this weekend and we really canโ€™t wait. We look forward to welcoming some of you here at Vale House Kitchen later in the season.

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