Corporate Day with Shell

Its been a very exciting few months here at Vale House Kitchen. In September we hosted our first big Corporate Day with a group of 50 lawyers from Shell coming to enjoy a day in the fabulous Somerset countryside. We wanted to show them everything that we had to offer so had groups shooting, fly fishing, trying their hand at butchery and chef skills along with cake decoration as well. The day was a tremendous success helped by the glorious late summer weather which meant that everyone could get the most out of our fantastic location. Lunch was even enjoyed on the lawn, something you really don’t expect in late September! The fly fishers managed 6 fish throughout the day, some of which were sashimied by Tim and Kieran for lunch, the rest smoked and taken back to the hotel. And Sandra had the cake decorators conjuring up all sorts of interesting cup cake inventions, with our guests unleashing designs that wouldn’t have been out of place on an episode of GBBO! If you are thinking of hosting a Corporate Day in the West Country please get in touch and we will make sure that you have a very enjoyable and unique experience. The pictures from the day are here on our Facebook page.

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