Open For Business – Tim Maddams leads first course

So after 3 months of builders converting our wonderful stone outbuilding into ValeHouseKitchen we opened for business on 12th September. Our opening course was led by Tim Maddams, ex head chef of the Axminster Canteen, for an insight into Seasonal Cookery. Everyone started off by making a bread dough and while that was proving Tim gave a demo on how easy it is to make home made pasta. The guests then prepared a courgette, chilli and garlic sauce to go with the pasta and took a quick break soaking up the sun on our terrace. After the break it was time to make a quick marrow pickle. Tim showing how easy it is to use up the glut of vegetables you get at this time of year and turn them into a long lasting tasty treat. Then it was time for dessert, a blackberry crème Catalan, a Spanish take on our crème brullee. Whilst that was cooking everyone had a hands lesson on how to butcher a partridge and then prepare it 2 ways; slow cooked legs in a tomato and herb sauce and pan fried breast. As all these elements of the meal came together it was time to head to our dining room where everyone enjoyed the fruits of their labour with a glass of wine. A fantastic first day and definitely starting as we mean to go on.

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