Cured and Smoked Trout

We are very fortunate to catch the odd fresh trout or two, especially when teaching our guests on the Beginners Fly Fishing Courses. Much as they are delicious simply wrapped in foil, stuffed with a few herbs, butter and a drizzle of white wine and roasted in an oven for 20 minutes or so, we often like to fillet, cure and hot smoke them. This gives them that little extra depth of flavour and some extra versatility on the cooking front. Who doesn’t love smoked trout for breakfast with some fresh scrambled eggs, or a delicious smoked trout pate to take out on a picnic. Heres a quick and easy recipe for curing and smoking your trout (it works equally as well for mackerel, bass and salmon as well.)

Cured trout
50g salt
50g sugar
10 pepper corns
5 juniper berries
5 bay leaves
1 trout fillet, skin on.

Place the trout fillet skin side down on a plate, mix the salt, sugar and spices to together having first chopped the bay leaves and crushed the pepper and juniper.

Liberally season the fish with the cure mixture and set aside for 20 mins or so.

Rinse the fish and pat dry, slice the flesh into pound coin thick slices leaving behind the skin.

Smoked Trout.
1 filet trout
Plenty of salt
A little pepper
Hot smoker and wood shavings.

Heavily salt the trout fillet for 15 mins until noticeably firmer. Rinse and pat dry. Season with a little pepper and hot smoke until just cooked.

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