Fly Fishing with Neil Keep

We’re delighted to offer fly fishing as one of our field courses – it’s the perfect activity for the foodie who loves being out in the fresh air and really getting involved in where their food comes from. Spreading the course over two days allows us to properly get into the process – you’ll spend the first day at the beautiful Cameley Lakes with top instructor Neil Keep, learning all about the equipment and techniques used, and trying them out for yourself. On the second day, you’ll take your fresh catch into the kitchen with chef Tim Maddams, who will teach you how to make the most of it with a series of great demonstration-led lessons – not to mention a delicious fish lunch.

So what exactly is fly fishing? In case you’re new to the sport, it’s all about using special lures, or ‘flies’, to attract the fish and tempt them to try a bite. The lures are created from things like furs, feathers and threads to resemble all sorts of prey that the fish might be interested in. Because these flies are nearly weightless, casting them requires a special technique, in which our tutor Neil Keep is an expert. Under his guidance, you should be able to bring together all the skills necessary to take home some seriously fresh fish – whether you’re a keen angler or a complete novice.

If you love the flavours of fish but aren’t quite sure about cooking it at home, then you’re not alone. Lots of people are intimidated by the idea of dealing with fish, especially if cleaning and gutting is required – which is why we get our expert tutor Tim Maddams involved on the second day of the course. With years of experience, including a stint at River Cottage as head chef, Tim is the perfect person to equip you with all the skills and confidence you need. He’ll take you through everything required to prepare fresh, whole fish for your table, from cleaning, gutting and scaling, to filleting and cooking.

Our 2-day Fly Fishing Experience is available on 13th and 14th of May, for a total cost of £300, which includes all the necessary equipment, transport to Cameley Lakes and back, and lunch on both days. It’s the perfect course for any foodie looking to learn a new skill or build on existing ones – book it for yourself, or why not purchase some vouchers and treat someone else to a fantastic new experience?

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