We’ve been thinking of putting this recipe up for a while and after our recent Pig Butchery Course there were a few requests so here it is. Its always a fantastic thing, making your own sausages. We like to use Weschenfelder seasonings as they make so many good ones (their pork and apple and gold pork are just delicious). They also supply all of the things you need to make the perfect sausage such as skins, rusk and spices. The…

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Pheasant Curry

Pheasant Curry This tasty pheasant curry is a great way of using up pheasant thighs that you often have an abundance of as you head through the season. Its always best to cook the thighs with the bone in, but remember how many there are so that you take the right amount of bones out before serving!! Serves 4-6 Ingredients 8-10 pheasant thighs 2 tblsp oil (rapeseed, olive or veg) 2 tblsp cumin seeds 1 tblsp fennel seed 1 tblsp…

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Baked Pheasant Goujons

Here’s a quick, simply and absolutely delicious pheasant goujon recipe. You can use almost any cut of pheasant (or partridge for that matter). If using partridge use double the amount of meat in the recipe below. It’s also a great way of introducing children to this most wonderful game meat. Baked Pheasant Goujons 2-3 slices of bread (we find stale sourdough works perfectly) 1-2 tsp mustard powder 4 pheasant breasts or 6 deboned pheasant thighs 2 eggs Firstly oil a…

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Venison Carpaccio

Here’s a fantastic, quick, simple but absolutely packed full of flavour recipe by our great friend and tutor Tim Maddams. Its perfect if you’ve got some lovely fresh venison, a piece of loin is ideal and really takes no time at all. Give it a go… Carpaccio of Venison A small piece of venison steak, trimmed 1 spring onion A little fresh ginger. 1 clove of garlic, peeled 30 ml soy sauce 10 ml little sesame oil A sprig of…

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Hedgerow Vinegar

Hedgerow Vinegar We’re never without this autumn classic. Fantastic drizzled over a salad or used to add some extra flavour to a gravy. And a great way to use up some of those delicious hedgerows berries and extend their flavours well into the New Year and beyond. 750g foraged hedgerow fruit (elderberries, blackberries and sloes are best) 750ml red wine vinegar Tsp cloves Tsp coriander seeds Granulated sugar (around 400g) Take your foraged fruits and give them a good wash…

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Pigeon Salami

Game makes fantastic salami as its flavour really shines through. On our Venison Courses we love to make venison salami to show our guests how to preserve meat using techniques that have sadly now been forgotten. There is something very special about eating charcuterie that you have made yourself. For our trip to the Game Fair we thought we would make some pigeon salami as pigeon is an abundant wild meat that is available all year round that we wanted…

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