We’ve been thinking of putting this recipe up for a while and after our recent Pig Butchery Course there were a few requests so here it is. Its always a fantastic thing, making your own sausages. We like to use Weschenfelder seasonings as they make so many good ones (their pork and apple and gold pork are just delicious). They also supply all of the things you need to make the perfect sausage such as skins, rusk and spices. The recipe below is adapted from their website so that we can nicely fill our 5kg sausage stuffer.


Recipe adapted from the Weschenfelder website

3.4kg high quality pork (minimum 20% fat – shoulder or belly are best)
340g rusk
680ml cold water (or cider!)
114g Weschenfelder seasoning (pork and apple are our favourite)

Mince the pork through a 6mm plate.
Add the rusk, water (or cider if you are feeling adventurous) and seasoning and mix vigorously until you have a sticky moist mixture.
If you want a sausage with a finer texture at this point put the mix through the mincer again.
Load into your sausage stuffer and pipe into casings, hog casings for a traditional size sausage or lamb casings for a chipolata style sausage.
After linking your sausages, which is never as easy as you think, hang up to dry in a cool place for a few hours. Then you’re ready to heat up the frying pan and enjoy the fruits of your labour! Delicious!!

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