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Lamb Butchery and Cookery Course

With the popularity of smallholdings growing and more people opting to DIY when it comes to butchery and buying locally reared top notch high welfare meat the time for a course on Lamb / Mutton butchery is upon us. Tackling any whole animal is a challenge, but lamb needn’t cause any major problems.

The lamb butchery course is designed to teach you the basics of dealing with the whole carcass, from offal to stock, stopping off at chops, joints, cutlets, curing and smoking along the way.

The morning session will be dedicated entirely to butchery with the opportunity for some hands on work with the afternoon focusing more on getting the most form your meat, some cookery and also making lamb sausages. You’ll be eating the fruits of your labour throughout the day with a delicious lunch at the end of the course.

Primal Cuts
Knife Skills
Seam Butchery
Trimming and sorting
Offal – the fifth quarter
Secondary Cuts
Smoking and Curing
Sourcing and purchasing your meat

Course date: 13th April 2019

Price per person: £195

1 day - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


10 available
Lamb Butchery + Cookery - 13-04-2019£195.00

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“One of the best experiences I’ve had in years!”

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“An exceptional experience. Educational, brilliant teaching, and amazing surroundings. I'd recommend it most highly”

Course Member - Two day shooting course